CyPhaKids Schedule of events COMING 4/3/15

CyPhaKids Event Schedule for 2015!

Saturday April 18th

9:00AM                How to Create a Film / Disney

10:00AM              Tabletop Gaming / Pokemon

11:00AM              How to Write Like an Author / Doctor Who

12:00PM              The Lost Hollows / Harry Potter

1:00PM                 Magic Show / Harry Potter

2:00PM                 The Tortoise and His Hair Ballet

3:00PM                 How to be a Published Writer / Hunger Games

4:00PM                 Superhero Visit / Superhero

Sunday April 19

10:00AM              How to Draw Like an Illustrator / Miyazaki

11:00AM              Hector Learns to Chirp Play / Firefly

12:00PM              Ukulady’s Man  / Guardians of the Galaxy

1:00PM                 How to Speak in Pig Latin / Star Trek

2:00PM                 Kermit Puppet Show / Nintendo


We are proud to announce our CyPhaKids Guests for 2015!

EloiseEloise Huber

Eloise “Weezy” Huber lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana with her husband and three sons. She is a member of the Southwest Louisiana Children’s Book Writers’ and Illustrators’ Guild. With the support of the guild, her friends, and her family, she began and continues to write for children. She has written The Tortoise and His Hair and is currently working on a second children’s book!




SONY DSCErin Casteel

Erin Casteel is a native of Southwest Louisiana. Erin is an art teacher, “Ignorance is Bliss” comic strip creator, and illustrator of numerous books including The Tortoise and His Hair by Eloise Huber. Erin also loves to juggle and practice balancing skills in her spare time.






Tommie Townsley-2132_high resolutionTommie Townsley

Tommie Townsley began her career as a children’s book author in 2005 after the devastation of two major hurricanes, Katrina and Rita. Mrs. Townsley experienced first-hand Hurricane Rita’s destructive force that struck Southwest Louisiana. The re-birth of Southwest Louisiana and the determination of the Cajun people have inspired Mrs. Townsley to write children’s books about the region she appreciates and loves. Through her charming “Cajun Tales”, Mrs. Townsley strives to teach and inspire children everywhere about Louisiana and its unique culture. Presently, she has written and published six books. She is also the Chairman of The Southwest Louisiana Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Guild, a board member for The Children’s Museum of Lake Charles, Louisiana, and Publisher of Ally-Gator BookBites Publishing House. While Tommie has many varied interests, she is totally dedicated to the importance of reading to children. Mrs. Townsley believes that every child has the potential to do great things! Her “Cajun Tales” titles are: Adolpheaux the Adventurous Dolphin, Clyde The Cajun Calf, Amos the Artistic Alligator, Dixie the Ole Dawg, Sabine’s First Family Reunion, and Kyser the Singing Schnauzer.




MaryMary Graham McKelvey

Mary Graham McKelvey was born and raised in the Bushnell-Prairie City, Illinois area but has strong ties to Missouri and Louisiana. She resided in Southwest Louisiana from 2000-2007 and has once again made her home in Vinton, Louisiana. Mary started writing stories nearly forty years ago for her daughter, Tina. She continued to write after the birth of her two sons, Josh and Morgan. She is now the grandmother of 12 grandchildren (two sets of twins!) and writes for them as well. Hector Learns to Chirp is her first published children’s book.



RebeccaRebecca Stelly

Rebecca Stelly started off as a struggling student that hated writing and ended up a children’s book and young adult author at age 16. She loves writing more than most things now, and  she is an author and an illustrator of various different books in various genres like To The World Above and Papa Bear and The Big Bad Wolf.




JericaJerica Guillory

Jerica Guillory has an insatiable desire to learn the meaning of more and more words. One of her most treasured worldly possessions is her Grandmother’s Encyclopedia of Dictionaries (1966). She has fond memories of her Granny saying, “Get the dictionary! Look it up!” Jerica shares her passion for vocabulary enhancement in her very first children’s book. She credits her Mother for her creative spirit. As a child, she watched her Mom excel in a myriad of artistic endeavors. She also spoke Pig Latin and taught her daughters to do the same. Inspiration for the constantly feuding sisters, Frannie & Tallulah, came from personal experience. Jerica and her OLDER Sister, Brandi, fought incessantly and now… so do their children. When your Mama tells you that you’ll pay for your raising one day, you better believe her! On the audio version of, A Pig Tale, she plays the part of Baby Rose. Jerica’s goal in life is to LOVE & LAUGH as much as possible. She enjoys living in South Louisiana with her amazingly handsome husband and her highly entertaining children.


UkeladyThe Ukelady’s Man

The Ukelady’s Man grew up on an imaginary planet called Chowncha 9. It was here that he was trained by an alien wizard named Corn Bread Pudding in the ancient art of Intestine Tickling. On the day of his wedding, an evil robot adult-napped his bride to be and fled to an awkward realm the natives referred to as “Earth.” After a quick nap, he gathered his favorite stuffed animal, stole a jet pack, and began his long journey through space.






LostThe Lost Hallows

Cynthia Eagle married her high school sweetheart, and as artists, they both always dreamed to work at Disney. The Lost Hollows is their own Disney. Although their daughters are grown up, it still has become a family affair. The Lost Hollows sit on 70 acres of land and feature two trails — the “Spooky Timbers” for children and the “Deadly Pines” for adults “who dare.” This is a family venue and is place where families can come and find something for everyone. The “Spooky Timbers” is a toned-down haunted house featuring jack-o’-lanterns and smiling witches. The “Deadly Pines” is much larger and features a multitude of exhibits that range from a graveyard to a slaughterhouse. This year The Lost Hallows has kindly offered to do face painting for CyPhaKids. Bart Glatt, their Master of Scarimonies, will also be putting on a magic show!