CyPhaCon Returns April 6th – 8th, 2018. We look forward to bringing you the next huge CyPhaCon event

Volunteer Applications will go live December 11th 2017!


Staff and Volunteer positions are UNPAID positions. They consist of people who believe in the community and success of this organization, and without their time, CyPhaCon could not exist. Volunteering at CyPhaCon is an excellent way to be involved, meet new people, and have fun. As with any type of volunteer position, there are rules and basic conduct that is expected, and strictly enforced. All volunteers must have a fully completed application on file with the Volunteer Staff, as well as a completed and signed liability and release waiver BEFORE the start of their scheduled shift(s). There will also be a Volunteer meeting scheduled BEFORE the start of the con. Attendance is not mandatory, but encouraged, and there will be incentives for those who do attend. Information provided here can and will be used by CYPHA LLC as it deems fit.


*Help with Setup and Take Down

*Checking badges

*Help with line and crowd control

*Helping to maintain a neat and healthy environment by picking up trash off the floors, chairs and tables

*Run errands

*Relieve guests for short breaks when directed by CyPhaCon staff

*Answer queries, or refer person to someone who can do so, in a friendly and helpful manner

*Any other task(s) that may arise during the course of the convention

*Keep a general lookout for security, emergency or other concerns

Volunteers will be given a one day no-pay pass to the event on the same day that the volunteer helps out with a volunteer shift. All volunteer shifts will be 4 hour periods of time. We ask that you check in with the Volunteer Coordination staff 10 minutes BEFORE your scheduled shift to make sure plenty of time is allowed to check in, discuss and understand duties, and relieve previous volunteer.


Miscellaneous information:

PLEASE make sure that your contact information is up-to-date before your scheduled shift. Cell phones will be the preferred method of contact during the convention. Please make sure that you have the volunteer coordinators cell phone number, as well as making sure that the proper people have your number. (Cell phones are NOT required to be a volunteer. If you do not have one, other arrangements can be made. Also, please note, your cell phone number will NOT be given out to ANYONE other than the volunteer coordinator.) Liability forms must be read, signed, and on file BEFORE your scheduled shift.


**It is VERY important that ALL rules are read, and understood! **

*People come to conventions to have fun. This is a FAMILY event, and the presence of children should be respected as well. We expect ALL of our volunteers (and staff as well) to be on their best behavior, maintain good spirits, a positive attitude, be responsible, respectful, and prompt.

*Your Volunteer Badge must be present at all times.

*Cosplay is optional! All Cosplay’s must abide by CyPhaCon’s policies and you must be able to work complete tasks as they come. If your costume can be easily damaged and/or is very valuable, it is not recommended that you wear it during volunteer hours.

*It is requested that if you shop in the dealers room, please do so before or after you check-in to volunteer, otherwise you may asked to please leave your items in the hotel, car or with a friend. We will not hold any liability for any lost and/or stolen items.

*All volunteers are expected to report to the volunteer table in a timely fashion for their shift. If you cannot make your shift, or will be late, please contact the volunteer coordinator so other arrangements can be made.

*Volunteer badges MUST be returned at the end of each shift. Switching badges with a non-volunteer WILL NOT be tolerated, and will result in your immediate dismissal from the convention.

*If your duties require you to enter a staff only area, be sure that a staff member knows where you are going and WHY you have to be in that area.

*Volunteers are responsible for their own actions. All convention rules apply not only to volunteers, but to staff members as well. If you observe a staff member breaking a rule, or acting in a questionable manner, please contact the volunteer coordinator.

*The breaking of rules will have consequences. These consequences can and will vary in severity depending on the infraction.

*Notable Infractions include, but are not limited to:

* Complaints of any kind from staff, other volunteers, guests, or venue employees

* Sexual Harassment complaints of ANY kind!!!!

* Hitting, or touching of any kind in an unwanted manner of ANYONE on convention floor

* The use of illegal/non-prescribed drugs or alcohol

* Any irresponsible action that results in loss or damage of CyPhaCon or venue property or equipment

* Any infringement of convention rules

* Any use of foul language that is reported back to volunteer staff

* Any other actions or behaviors that are deemed unfit for convention area

*Rules are subject to change and additional rules may be added before our event. In such case, all volunteers will be notified by e-mail of changes. Final rules, duties, etc. will be covered in Volunteer meeting, and is important for ALL volunteers to attend.