About our CyPhaCon Gaming Section

CyPhaCon takes pride in our gaming section.  Every year we have tried to grow the section and improve it.  We have a wide selection of games available to be checked out and play with your friends (or other con go-ers, go ahead make more friends!) for no additional cost.  All we ask is an ID to hold on to while you rent our game.

We have games like Tsuro, Settlers of Catan, The Resistance, Codenames, and honestly too many to list.  The games we have range from casual and quick, to advanced and decently long (couple hours).

In addition to our game library, we also have some Game masters working with us to run games for those who want to learn and play them.  Be sure to check out our schedule and see what’s being run.  A game master will be there for those games to teach and run the game for whoever shows up and wants to play.  It is first come first served, so arrive a bit early to make sure you have your seat.

Also, I want to mention, a lot of our game library is graciously lent to us from most of our Game masters.  So please treat the games with respect.  And I want to say thanks to any game master, past present and future, for helping make our gaming section what it is.


CyPhaCon 2017 Games

Games we have on the schedule this year are:

Lords of Waterdeep is a D&D themed worker placement game.  

Tanto Cuore is a deckbuilding game similar to Dominion.

Hegemonic is an epic space exploration game.

BioTANK is a strategic 1v1 card game.

Talisman is a high fantasy adventure board game.

Apocalypse World is an RPG set in a post apocalyptic setting.

Simurgh is a dragon fantasy themed worker placement.

Battletech is a tabletop war game with war mechs.

Relic is similar to Talisman but set in the Warhammer universe.

Dresden Files is a Co-op card game.

Tragedy Looper is a group vs mastermind mystery game.

Merchant of Venus is a space trading and economic game.

And many more available in our library.  But these games will be run by gamemasters who will teach you and guide you through the game.


2017 Gaming Schedule