CyPhaCon strives each year to bring you our awesome attendees the best Musical Guests around. With this we always bring back our fan favorites to kick off the parties and concerts each and every year!

1328724801_logo-on-blackSuzaku 7

Consisting of a compliment of some of the most talented musicians in the New Orleans area, The Suzaku 7 was formed in 2004 by founding members Dreux Blalock and Elricka Fletcher. After having played at various venues, the disaster that was Hurricane Katrina forced the seven celestial warriors to part ways. After seeing the devastation that was caused by the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011, and remembering the aid brought to the Gulf Coast after Katrina by Japan, Blalock decided to reform what he could of The Suzaku 7 in hopes of raising awareness and money through their shows to donate to help the people of Japan.

The Suzaku 7 bring forward a show that is unprecedented in today’s market: A band of true heroes, who like their mythical namesake, have come together to help a nation in need.

For more information on The Suzaku 7 please visit their facebook page

dubba-dDUBBA D

Darian Avery is an up and coming producer from Lafayette, Louisiana. He has been in the EDM scene for quite a while, but only started delving into production a few years ago. His history with music started when he took up piano lessons in the first grade. After 8 years, Darian took up percussion and started his high school career on drumline, where he played for 5 years. At the same time, he simultaneously picked up kit drumming, taking lessons from Hawley “Joe” Gary of Spank The Monkey. A year later, he and his friends founded a Christian metalcore project, which came to be known as Martyr of Men. After releasing The Attic: EP, two singles, and having a strong three year run, Martyr of Men parted ways. It was around this time that fellow drummer Jeremy Johnson introduced Darian and life-long friend Will Keller to production of electronic music. At this time in his life, both Darian and Will had already taken some interest in music production, and thus began their journey into production of EDM. From that point on, Will and Darian worked with each other in order to learn more about making EDM. After much hard word and many long hours, Darian worked to perfect his skill and develop the sound that he has today, and looks to provide the heaviest and most innovative sound possible for all who hear his music.

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Professor Shyguy’s music can be best described as; high energy, chiptune-electro-rocking, 8-bit, epically vocalized, highly danceable, theatrical nerd-pop. Singing 50% about video games and the other 50% is anything from Space/Time to English Language gymnastics. His performance consists of singing, playing guitar, keyboards, and drums, sometimes three of those things at the same time”