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Usslafitte-logo-5USS Lafitte – Starfleet International Chapter

USSL/CATS originated as the Calcasieu Area Trekkers Society (C.A.T.S.), and was the dream of one dedicated Trekker and Science Fiction/Fantasy fan to bring organized sci-fi/fantasy fandom to Southwest Louisiana. Stuart Griggs, a lifelong resident of Lake Charles, had sought to share his enjoyment of Star Trek in particular, and sci-fi/fantasy in general, with other fans in a locality where the genre is not widely appreciated. Despite the odds, and investing his own funds into the effort, Griggs, along with his good friend and compatriot Duane Bergeron, successfully launched C.A.T.S. in July 1994 with a small group of charter members, many of whom are still active today..

USSL/CATS has survived many changes and tribulations in society, and the lives of it’s members. Did you know that 80 percent of all sci-fi/fantasy fan clubs started in America go belly-up after only a couple of years of existence? Yet USSL/CATS has endured, thanks to a dedicated group of core members who’s interests lie in many sci-fi/fantasy interests: Babylon 5, Xenaverse, Whedonverse, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and the work of J.J. Abrams, print and electronic media, comics, modeling, gaming and cos-playing. Members also attend various conventions around the country, and get together for local theatrical film screenings. It’s all geared for USSL/CATS members to have fun sharing the sci-fi/fantasy experience.




14595632_1827169617519928_8860870160857014395_nAKA COSPLAY AND ART

AKA is a Southwest Louisiana group of artists that have a passion for cosplay! Our names are Ashley, Kat, and Alex! We enjoy bringing new characters to life and sharing our experiences with those around us. Some of our favorites include Elsa and Anna, Princess Belle, Princess Aurora, Princess Ariel, and Fallout New Vegas! Half the fun for us is the journey we go one to make our costumes! We also have a burning love for pyrography artwork! And just about all forms of artwork!





14390955_1409708859043792_5136722601653877889_nGULF COAST ROLLER GIRLS

The Gulf Coast Rollergirls as a team originally formed in August 2009, we started out in Orange,Texas as a flat track roller derby team playing by WFTDA rules. Following a reformation & reorganization, the GCRG as a team name was changed to a league name, and merged with the newly formed Lafitte’s Ladies flat track team in Lake Charles, La. Additionally we have the VooDoo Dolls, who have the dual purpose of not only being the training team for new recruits, but the place for girls who want to derby for fun but not competitively with the Lafitte’s,league members who need to get their skills up to speed, and the place for injured skaters to rehabilitate. Eventually it will also be a home for retired skaters to keep their bodies and skills sharp, and for the girls 7-17 who look forward to lacing up competitively in their future we have a Jr.Derby team called the Hurricane Belles! We hope to bring our youth group up in an environment that is supportive of womens sports and good team interaction.



LC OTAKU is an anime fan group from Southwest Louisiana for anime fans 15 and older that was started in 2014. We are open to members from all over the world while still being a local fan group for adult or young adult fans to gather and have fun. We meet once a month at Central Library on Ernest Street in Lake Charles, LA on the third Sunday for two hours to enjoy anime, games, pizza, and more in a safe family friendly environment.