ashAsh Reese

Ash has been attendant (some say addict) of regional fan oriented conventions since the ancient times of the mid 90’s. In an effort to combine his interest of all thing Cajun and all things hopelessly nerdy, Ash formed CajuNerd Media. His breakthrough dubsmash parody of the ThunderCats cartoon (TundaMinous) found immediate popularity in the region. Replacing the plot, characters, and voices of old cartoons and infomercials with his own concepts became an obsession as CajuNerd covered Star Trek, Transformers, and even GI Joe, putting his unique “Cajun domesticity in impossible situations” twist on them.. Between then and now, Ash has made an american tokusatsu show in the vein of Power Rangers called “Tataille Fighter” and is still working on his mysterious animated pilot  set in the world of fantasy roleplaying games. The CajuNerd is looking forward to the opportunity to connect and commiserate with the fan community of Lake Charles at CyPhaCon 2018.