Gaming is a huge part of what CyPhaCon’s foundation.  This year we are bringing in even more groups to join the fun! CyPhaCon gaming is the biggest gaming event held in Southwest Louisiana and we are proud to welcome these amazing groups to this years event!


Southwest Louisiana’s Premier Pokémon group, SLAKings! Come join us for free Pokémon prizes and gifts as we hold our 4th annual Gym Leader challenge right here at CyPhaCon, complete with badges you can take home and prepare to face the Elite 4 with!





cropped-logoThe iNOOB Project

Your one stop shop for all things geeky and noobish in Southwest Louisiana!  We provide assistance in bridging the gap between the gaming community and the general public.







8a96df_a470ad578cdf4c919f8653763f7bfefb-mv2KING CROWS STUDIOS

King Crow Studios works out of the Louisiana Technology Park in Baton Rouge. We were founded early in 2015 with the intention of expanding the video game development scene in Louisiana by creating new video game jobs every year.

Since then, KCS has created seven paying jobs in Louisiana and aims to raise that to ten by the end of 2016.

KCS was chosen to be part of a video game incubation process in Baton Rouge called the Level Up Lab, sponsored by the Louisiana Technology Park. Because of this process and having access to the wealth of knowledge in the already existing Baton Rouge video game dev community, KCS has assembled an amazing team made up of the area’s finest talent.

Every person involved in this company was specially chosen because of a passion for video games and the professionalism to complete the job. We hope to expand video game job growth as more games are made and we build the experience levels of the existing video game companies here in Louisiana.

The talent that goes into these game comes from all across Louisiana. We hope to show off how vibrant the gaming community is here by having almost every other existing indie company contribute in some way to the game. Every single one of us have been chosen to be a part of this project because we all think this is an awesome idea and want to see it succeed. We will do our best to show you our progress so we can prove how hard we are working and how seriously we all want this to be amazing

TL;DR: We makes games in Louisiana, and we are trying to develop our state into a hub of game development.

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15134687_570233646507421_7338541842232389800_nEXTRA LIFE CIRCUIT

A series of tournaments designed to raise money for Christus St. Pat’s children’s hospital.








17806997_10203024053558238_135724450_nLAKE AREA GAMERS

LAG is a Gaming community for Everyone locally and the surrounding area to discuss and coordinate for video gaming of any type and to promote local esports or casual play. We are the oldest gaming group in the area and continue to strive to recruit local gamers with the intention of keeping everyone connected to enjoy this hobby together. Whether you are Console, PC, Mobile, or Retro hop in and find friends locally to game and socialize with. As always remember, Get in and get gaming!