CyPhaCon is proud to announce our amazing Fan Group lineup for our 2017 event!  Fan Groups are a very important part of CyPhaCon since its beginnings in 2011. Fan groups get to showcase their amazing organizations and bring you our fans amazing programming during the event. Please welcome this years amazing fan groups to CyPhaCon 2017!



The Rebel Legion is an international Star Wars costuming organization created by, of, and for people interested in creating costumes from the Star Wars mythos. Research, create, build, and improve your costumes in a place where costumers with similar passions share skills, tips and ideas. Jedi, Rebel Pilots, Troopers, Princesses, and even Wookiees…. we’ve got them all….and we’re always looking for more.






10884976_10153031001513270_417952746_n501ST LEGION / BAST ALPHA GARRISON

The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.





Louisiana Ghostbusters is a fan-based public service Ghostbusters franchise. As costumers and fans of Ghostbusters, we represent our open costuming policy with movie-accurate props and wardrobe representing all aspects of the Ghostbusters series of movies, cartoons, games, and novels. As a service organization, we direct money to charities, participate in fundraisers for charities, attend fund-raising events, perform charitable acts and provide community service. As volunteers, LAGB performs many acts of philanthropy openly and willingly, however we do not provide any sort of paid services or profitable ventures of any kind. We effectively trade smiles and good will for donations to various worthy causes. We are a fan club with a mandate to help the community, bringing smiles and goodwill wherever we can when someone decides we’re who they’re gonna call!

WEBSITE   |     FACEBOOK     |      TWITTER      |       YOUTUBE



USS-New-Orleans-Transparent-Background-1011x1024U.S.S NEW ORLEANS / STARFLEET INTERNATIONAL

The USS NEW ORLEANS STARFLEET’s Award Winning Chapter is here in Lake Charles promoting the next STARFLEET’s International Conference 2017 held in Kenner, LA. Also the largest Star Trek Fan Group in the State of Louisiana, the Chapter has members from all over the Gulf South Region.

Starfleet IC 2017 WEBSITE    |     FACEBOOK






10403719_893695944014770_5688562020297047799_nNORTH AMERICAN ASSASSINS CREED GUILD

We are the North American Assassin’s Creed Guild. We are a group dedicated to the Assassin’s Creed games, books, and movies, as well as having fun discussing it. We also make appearances at Conventions, as well as group activities to help the community. If members are local, we also have fun enjoying each others’ company, learning hands-on crafts as seen on the game, such as leather works and metallurgy, and coming together as a Brotherhood of Assassins.


My name is Chris Sturm. Im here to help you realize your dream wedding be it in a costume or a tux. I am able to perform weddings both in Texas and Louisiana.Check out my Facebook page and give me a call to set up your appointment today.



Louisiana Drone Enthusiasts is a state-wide community of hobbyist and professional drone enthusiasts. It’s a place to meet other drone owners, share experiences and knowledge, coordinate events, make friends and more. All skill levels are welcome as well as specific interest areas such as FPV racing, aerial photography and videography, etc.






geeks-under-graceGEEKS UNDER GRACE

Geeks Under Grace is a multi-fandom, multi-denomination group dedicated to bridging the gap between Christianity and Geekdom. The mission of Geeks Under Grace is to: EDUCATE Christians on how to safely consume pop culture from our worldview. EVANGELIZE geeks with the message of the Gospel by building bridges between Jesus and the geek community. EQUIP Christians and churches to reach geeks with the Gospel. ENCOURAGE Christians as they grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. We have a Facebook community group, where everyone, regardless of faith or fandom, is invited. Every Monday on Facebook Live at 3 pm CST The YouTube Team Leader, Cody Armour, answers all of your questions about faith and fandom. We also stream on Twitch Monday-Friday at 7 pm CST, a variety of games, from plat-formers to FPS’s. And every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on YouTube we give you the latest in Christian and geek news from around the world. Geeks Under Grace is an IRS recognized Non-Profit 501(c)3 organization.





The Mission Statement for The Royal Manticoran Navy, The Official Honor Harrington Fan Club. It is the Mission of the Royal Manticoran Navy to bring an enjoyable and enlightening experience to fans of David Weber’s seminal series about Honor Harrington. We will do this by: Being primarily focused on providing a fun experience to all of the members, from the newest members to the longest serving member. Providing opportunities to lead, to serve, and to learn about the Honorverse, Science, and Space Exploration. Providing a fandom venue that is professional, cooperative and collaborative. Giving back to the greater community. Providing an outlet for fans to Cosplay and role-play in the Honorverse. The local Chapter of The Royal Manticoran Navy is the Roland class destroyer HMS Barbarossa DD-551, headquartered in New Orleans. This chapter serves a diverse group of members from across Louisiana.