CyPhaCon staff works tirelessly each year to bring you the very best event possible.

Please enjoy a brief background history on our amazing staff of CyPhaCon!




Stuart Griggs

Original founder of the Calcasieu Area Trekkers Society (C.A.T.S.), over 20 years ago and currently CO of the USS Lafitte a chapter of Starfleet International. The members and crew have all become like a second family to each other and much valued friendships over the years.

Con Experience: Organizing assistant and registration officer for two previous events plus CyPhaCon’s events. I have attended too many Sci-Fi/Fantasy conventions to count, but they date back to 1980, several small events and many large such as Dragon*Con, Creation Con, Care Con, etc. I’ve even volunteered at some events from registration, security to running the video camera big screens so that the back room audience could better see a better view of the event.

My Education covers Computer Science at McNeese and Sowela Tech with some drafting. Currently I am the President and Treasurer of Cypha LLC.  I am also the president of the Southwest Louisiana PC Users Group ( Computer Club ) for several years now and have held different offices as President, Vice Pres, Secretary, and Treasurer throughout the years. The club dates back to 1984. I do “house call” computer service work and I have built up a clientele to solve their problems and tutor on a needed and regular basis. My other trade is jewelry repair assistant.


905266_659234664103710_1473067790_oGUEST RELATIONS DIRECTOR

Garrett Manuel

Born and raised here in Lake Charles. Graduated from Sowela in 04’ with an associate’s degree in commercial art. Has a total of 8 years’ experience working in guest relations for another event including as Guest Relations Director for CyPhaCon. Currently working as an IT professional here in Lake Charles. As well as being the XO of the U.S.S. Lafitte the local Lake Charles Starfleet Chapter and one of 6 council member for the Calcasieu Area Trekkers Society. Has been an active member since 1993.

Currently serving as Vice President of CYPHA LLC and Guest Relations Director for CyPhaCon. He is also a member of The Colonial Fleet – Battlestar Galactica – Fan Group.

His hobbies include model building and planning events be it CyPhaCon or private get together with his friends.  In general he enjoys his weekends off and trips out of town when he can and spending time with close friends. His favorite past time is attending conventions around the country when he has the chance including his favorite convention the Multi Genre DragonCon held in Atlanta.


10342489_713634782031129_4198177634509675999_nSECURITY COORDINATOR

Landen “Lando” Webb

Raised on various Air Force bases until settling in Louisiana at the age of 14.  Landen is an aspiring politician with the heart and mind of a gamer. He is an absolute fanatic for the Fallout series and loves talking lore like you would not believe.

As it would happen, the first convention he ever attended was CyPhaCon, and he decided that he would love to become a part of it. Landen currently serves CyPhaCon as its Head of Security, ensuring the safety of all CyPhaCon attendants, as well as recruiting new security personnel.

When he isn’t busy guarding CyPhaCon, he is a student majoring in political science at McNeese State University.




Brandon Demeritt 

Born in 1983 and raised right here in Lake Charles.  Graduated from and was on the drumline for Barbe highschool and currently attending Sowela for IT Network Specialist.

Having a passion for anything gaming related, you could say he was born with a die in one hand, and a controller in the other.  Grew up around computers and loves any type of game.  Plays Warmachine, Magic, RPGs, all sorts of board games, and fighters(Tekken, Street Fighter, etc.).  Favorite Board game is Twilight Imperium.

He is now using his passion to run the gaming side of CyPhaCon and going to work it make it bigger and better every year.




Elizabeth McVicker

A resident of Lacassine Louisiana all her life Elizabeth McVicker is currently attending SOWELA for Computer Networking. Her current job is computer technician at one of Lake Charles premier technology service companies. She started with CyPhaCon as a volunteer and is currently on staff as Fan Group Coordinator.  She likes the MARVEL franchise and Superheroes in general and enjoys attending conventions and buying art. Her goal is to bring a bit of excitement and joy to CyPhaCon by contributing and bring people together in our community.






Sven Brooks

Born and raised in Lake Charles. Graduated from Sowela in 2014, with an associate’s degree in computer networking. Currently working as an lT professional in Lake Charles. With his love of comics and sci-fi, Sven started volunteering for CyPhaCon in 2015 to share that love with his fellow geeks. After volunteering for 2 years, he was promoted to the position of Vendor Coordinator in 2016.

He is also a member of the Doctor Whooligans Fan Group. Sven enjoys gaming, reading a variety of novels and manga, watching anime, playing trading card games such as YuGiOh!, attending conventions, and spending time with family and friends.




Troy Hoffpauir

Troy “Starsaver” Hoffpauir has a degree in Public Relations and has seen fit to use those talents for the betterment of CyPhaCon as it’s video game director.

Troy is a jack of all trades when it comes to convention culture.  Troy has had his hand in anything from board gaming to anime to science fiction to comics.  But one of his biggest passions is video games and he has dedicated himself to bringing unique and interesting gaming to CyPhaCon.

Fun Fact: Troy is an accomplished mech pilot and has developed three mutant abilities.  Who knows which ones will become active during CyPhaCon.



Matt Martin

Grew up as a Lake Charles local and nerd (and proud of it), Matt Martin has been a part of CyPhaCon as a volunteer since year one. Being passionate about comics, art history, fantasy, science fiction and especially anime, the CyPhaCon board of directors promoted him to Anime Coordinator in 2012. Currently an art major at McNeese State Universality, he has a deep appreciation for the artist’s who help out and support our convention. When it comes to hobbies Matt has a great appreciation for drawing, writing, gaming, manga, classic literature, and watching anime. Of course never forgetting the occasional (and sometimes ritualistic) goofing off around both friends and family. Matt is an all-around great guy. He is also the master of Hokuto Shinken technique, has the power to blow people’s mind inside and outside the floors of CyPhaCon. Be sure to keep an eye out for him. If you dare!



Preston Henderson

Unearthed in 1975, Preston was raised in Oakdale, Louisiana. Introduced to anime in 1994 (Ghost in the Shell, Akira, and Vampire Hunter D) he’s been an avid fan since. Games such as Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, and anything Nintendo have helped sustain his life essence in the absence of fresh anime to watch.

A few points of personal opinion: Horde > Alliance, Star wars > Star Trek,
Marvel > DC, Nintendo > Sony > Microsoft, Bakemonogatari > Stein’s;Gate > All other Anime, and finally Mei > The Rest of Overwatch






Zackary Cox

Zack Cox by day a humble Wage worker but in the light of the full CyPhaCon banner he becomes a member of the CyPha Sentai as the Turquoise CyPpha Ranger. Armed with dependable friends and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of random facts and trivia. He pilots the video gaming arm of CyPhaCon with boundless energy. Also a devout believer that tanks and healers are the more important class in any game and that Lion King is still the best Disney Movie bar none.






Brian Griggs

Brian Griggs, old man, daddy person, the names go on. Griggs is a Lake Chuck native, McNeese Marketing/Management grad and married to Lexie Griggs. He is a firm believer in the “There can be only one.” motto and is the daddy person to a very devious Piper Rose.

Brian is an avid computer and console gamer, sci-fi nerd and D&D rules lawyer. He joined the CyPhaCon staff in 2015 and was selected to head the sponsorship chair as well as Programming Coordinator






Lexi Griggs

Born and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Lexie graduated from McNeese in 2009 with a BA in Social Studies Education. By day, she is a teacher, but by night she is known as the Commander. The Commander is a big fan of anime, gaming (both tabletop and digital flavors), and reading (give her your manga!). She is also an avid makeup and planner enthusiast. Paper planners, with stickers and washi, she even has an Instagram for her planner and makeup hobby (believe it or not, there is a very large planner community).

Lexie has been involved with CyPhaCon since 2014. She started off as a volunteer in the registration department. She became a full-fledged staff member in 2015 and was placed in charge of registration. She was elected to the CyPhaCon board of directors following the 2015 event where she serves as registration chair.





( TBA )


Duane Bergeron

Duane Bergeron is a lifelong resident of Sulphur and a fan of Star Trek and other science fiction productions for over 50 years. He graduated from Sulphur High School in 1975 and McNeese State University in 1983 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Bergeron found his calling when he obtained a job at the Southwest Daily News in 1987 as a reporter. The work at the Daily News commenced a journalism career that has spanned over 29 years and resulted in working various media jobs.

In 1999 Bergeron became one of the very few journalists in the Lake Charles media market to work in both print and electronic media simultaneously. He branched out into radio beginning with station KAOK broadcasting news. From there he spent two years in the news department at Cumulus Media from 2007-2009. At present Bergeron is the film review columnist at the Lake Charles based Lagniappe Magazine and has contributed feature articles spanning over 20 years with the publication. He is a writer for the newly created online magazine Exposure where he specializes in general features and coverage of athletics for McNeese State. In radio he is a member of the board operations staff for Town Square Media having started there in 2013. Bergeron is also affiliated with Sports Radio 1310 AM KEZM in Sulphur holding the title of news/sports director.

With close friend Stuart Griggs, Bergeron co-founded The Calcasieu Area Trekkers Society in 1994. In 2011 the Trekkers Society became an affiliate of Starfleet International under the name of the U.S.S. Lafitte, which was originally the club’s mascot starship. He is one of the founding members of CyPhaCon and had been holding the title of Media Relations. He is now semi-retired but continues to work with CyPhaCon as a member of its board of directors.


Nickolaus “Shaggy” Combs

Born at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis, New Mexico, Mr. Combs’ family moved to Lake Charles when he was 13. Nickolaus is a part time gamer, scifi geek and father to a child with autism. Nickolaus was drawn into CyPhaCon by friends and the promise of a fun time. His current position is organizing the volunteers and working with local charitable organizations.

Mr. Combs’ con experience has been limited to CyPhaCon events but he plans on changing this in the near future. Currently Mr. Combs’ is a student at McNeese State University majoring in Mechanical Engineering.




Sunshine Bergeron

Sunshine Bergeron is a native to the Lake Charles area, but was raised all over Southwest Louisiana. Finally settling in Lake Charles, Sunshine graduated AM Barbe High School in 2014.

Growing up with fascination of Asian culture fueled her love for anime, manga, cosplay, and lolita fashion. She also has interest in many of the other catagories of nerd culture, including comic books, gaming, and sci-fi.

Sunshine has been an attendee of CyPhaCon from year one, and started volunteering in 2013. Shortly after her time volunteering, she was promoted to staff and given the Charity Department as her own.

From age thirteen, Sunshine has been an active volunteer and humanitarian. Her work began with animal rights and has branched out into many pressing issues such as gay rights, school bullying, and aiding the local homeless and substance abuse victims.

Currently the Charity Department Coordinator at CyPhaCon, her goal is to become more involved in community affairs through CyPhaCon to improve the quality of our area using innovative and fun filled events. Sunshine hopes to give to many charities, and touch many lives.



Bethany Marvel Nichols

Bethany was born at Langley Air-force base in Hampton, Virginia but was raised in Louisiana. Her travels have taken her across America and out of the country. She is proud to call Lake Charles her official home and is now our director of CyPhaKids. With a last name like Marvel it’s pretty hard not to get into the Marvel franchise and superheroes in general. Bethany is nerdy mother of two who is passing along her knowledge of Comics, Star Wars, Superheroes, Music and more to her beautiful children… …and they are absolutely loving it. “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” -Yoda