CyPhaCon would not be complete without our talented and amazing Cosplay Guests. This year is no different, and we are excited to announce our Cosplay guests for 2017!

CatNapsCat Naps Cosplay

CatNaps Cosplay is a 19 year old cosplayer located in Dallas, Texas. Cat has been cosplaying since 2011 and began making her costumes in 2014. While most of her costumes are from video games, she enjoys anime as well. Cosplay is a form of creativity and acceptance and makes that her motivation to inspire others any time she can.

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Miss MayvenMiss Mayven

Miss Mayven grew up enjoying playing video games and dress-up until 2008 when she discovered cosplay. She quickly fell in love with the art of costume-making and has not only recreated numerous anime and video game characters but has also lent her sewing ability in volunteer theatre productions and in the workforce as a dance costume seamstress. Miss Mayven is from Lafayette, LA and is proud to represent the Louisiana cosplay community at this year’s CyPhaCon!

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Teh PrincessTeh Princess

Teh Princess has been cosplaying since 2008, but has always had interests that were more on the geeky side since she was a little girl. The love she has for video games, anime, comics, and princesses is expressed through her variety of costumes.  Since she started cosplaying all of her costumes have been handmade, and she has won numerous awards at conventions all along the south coast from Texas to Florida.  While her true skill lies in making detailed princess dresses and ball gowns she does enjoy the occasional armor and prop builds.  As an experienced cosplay judge she looks forward to sharing her knowledge of cosplay construction and sewing with those who are new to cosplay.  She has also hosted quite a few panels with topics such as positive body image and positivity in the cosplay community.  She is a firm believer in cosplay is for everyone and hopes to bring motivation and inspiration to all aspiring cosplayers.  She is super excited to be a part of CyPhaCon 2017 and can’t wait to see everyone there!

For more information please visit her on FACEBOOK