CyPhaCon 2015 – Cosplay Contest Rules 

More information on Judges and rules changes will be posted here on our site later this year.

1. Potential participants must complete an entry form (available prior to CyPhaCon 2015) detailing

their walk on.  NOTE: ALL FORMS MUST BE TURNED IN TWO HOURS BEFORE THE COSPLAY CONTEST BEGINS. ANY ENTRY TURNED IN AFTER THIS TIME WILL NOT QUALIFY FOR THE CONTEST. When filling them out, be as complete, accurate and honest as possible; discrepancies and/or omissions could result in disqualification. Return the entry form to any CyPhaCon Staff Member before due date

Participants are allowed one (1) walk-on.

2. There will be a mandatory pre-meeting for all the contestants who entered at a given time. This will be for instructions to walk onto stage and if any questions need to be asked by the judges or contestants. Participants who fail to attend pre-meeting will not be able to participate in contest.

3. No more than five (5) participants per walk-on.

4. Costumes must be from Anime, Fantasy, Gaming, or Sci-fi genre. Original character designs are allowed.  If you have any questions you can email us at cyphacon.anime@gmail.com

5. Participants must wear shoes/slippers during performance; no bare feet allowed.

6. Time for Walk-on’s allowed one (1) minute.

7. Remove any props or costumes, and detritus from same, from the stage after your performance, leaving it clean and ready for the next act. A broom will be available as needed.

8. For children twelve (12) yrs. old and under to participate in the contest, CyPhaCon staff must be provided with parent’s typewritten or signed approval promise of supervision, including attending staff & participant meeting.

9. No unsecured projectile weapons (guns, crossbows, etc.) or throwing objects (boomerangs, Chinese Stars, throwing knives, etc.) allowed during skits. Unsecured blunted weapons (staffs, sais, etc.) allowed with security inspection and approval of intended use

10. Weapons will be re-inspected and approved by security shortly before going on stage. NO EXCEPTIONS.

11. No intimidation, real or in jest, with weapons or character, of either audience or judges, allowed during performance, and only of other skit performers as allowed & approved from entry form.

12. This is a family-friendly, rated “G” event. To that end, there must be NO nudity, suggested OR real, foul language, or lewd conduct during your performance.  Be supportive and encouraging of other contestants before, during, and after the contest.

13.  Recommend that costumes/props be at least 70% handmade to qualify to place in competition.


Potential participants may direct any questions to the CyPhaCon staff prior to and/or during the staff & participant meeting. CyPhaCon Cosplay and Security staff will have final approval of all costumes, props and skits entered.

For any other questions contact our Anime Coordinator through his email  cyphacon.anime@gmail.com