CyPhaCon is working to expand our author panels and guests for our April 7th-9th, 2017 event.

CANCELLATIONS: Kimberly Richardson and Roland Yoemans will unfortunately unable to attend CyPhaCon 2017 due to personal commitments. But wish everyone the best.



Allan Gilbreath

Allan Gilbreath denies that he was raised by wolves, but still enjoys quiet moonlit evenings. He is an accomplished skeptic, cook, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, and avid student of arcane knowledge. Allan is also a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and instructor. He has appeared on television, stage, movies, radio, web/podcast, and tours the country in live appearances. Allan is the executive producer of Question X, a paranormal research show. He is the villainous co-host of the I Heart Media hit show, Geek Tank Radio(, and a monthly co-host on the Internet radio show Renee Live Paranormal Show ( Allan has played a wide variety of characters from a crazed Englishman to a silent leather-clad assassin. He enjoys serving on panels and covers a wide range of topics from the serious to the outrageous. In his adult vampire novels, Galen and Dark Chances, he links sensual fantasy with danger and predation to excellent effect. His exceptional use of plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life. Allan’s Jack Lago supernatural mysteries are known for their attention to detail and suspense. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and his collection, Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection covers his three favorite genres; science fiction, dark fantasy, and steampunk. He is currently working on several media projects including paranormal research, comedy shows, and action movies. For more information please see:

michaelMichael Moreau

An ardent science fiction fan his entire life Michael is the creator as book series such as The Futureman Adventures, Rocket Riders of the 27th Century and co-creator of The Robert Carson Files. He is also founder of the small publisher Outworld Press as well a a photographer, filmmaker and artist. He is a native of Lafayette, Louisiana and is also a member of several fan groups.
Michael specializes in a type of fiction that is seldom written in this day and age, pulp. From rocketships to shiny-suited superheroes, radioactive monsters to evil space lords bent on galactic domination. He is a staunch supporter of self-publishing and small-house publishing and believes that writing should be just as much fun as reading is. He often compares his own works to the styles of Douglas Adams or Andre Norton (depending on which series he’s talking about) and is always thrilled to talk scifi with any fans of his own work or simply or science fiction in general.
“I don’t write as a career, I know that during my lifetime I will likely never make any real money from my writing but I do it because I have stories to tell. All that I hope from my work is that people enjoy it. A quick fan letter is my reward for what I do.”

chris-hayesChris Hayes

Chris S. Hayes, MD, is a lifelong reader of classic science fiction and a practicing family medicine physician from Lafayette, LA.  Since she loved reading science fiction so much, late in life she decided to try her hand at writing it.  In November of 2014, her first novel, Sikkiyn, was published by Solstice Publishing.  She’s been traveling from convention to convention to meet readers since then, and she’s excited to be back at CyPhaCon to talk about science fiction and all things geeky. At conventions when she’s not in a panel you can find her at her author’s table, busy writing the sequel to Sikkiyn. Come on by for







unnamedT.S Barnett and Michelle Kay

Tess and Michelle love gay romance. As indie authors, they’re trying to fill the gap they saw in a genre overloaded with empty,
stereotyping erotica. They wanted more unnamed (3)adventure, more drama, more real people–in real love. So they wrote the stories they wanted to see. Plus the dirty parts, of course. They take a lot of cues from their favorite yaoi tropes and weave them into fantasy stories of love, trust, and self-discovery. They also write urban fantasy full of dark twists and vicious villains.
Through their imprint, His Princely Delicates, they have put out six novels–one of which was a finalist in the 2016 Rainbow Awards–with more in the works all the time. Their flagship urban fantasy series through Corvid House Publishing was also a 2016 Undiscovered Book Award winner.
Both North Florida locals, Michelle and Tess have tried to spread rainbow-tinted love all across the Southeast. When they’re not writing their butts off, they like to watch anime and horror movies, play video games, and send each other cute pictures of their cats.





JeremyJeremy Laszlo

Jeremy Laszlo is the bestselling author of more than 30 novels. His works have broken the top 10 of over 90 Amazon lists by genre, at times reaching the top 10 of all books on Amazon.He lives in southern Louisiana where he enjoys scorching heat, a million percent humidity, and long barefoot walks on the blistering pavement. Aside from writing, Jeremy enjoys hunting mosquitoes the size of Bald Eagles and water-skiing atop Jurassic Alligators.

Who are we kidding? He’s a writer. He spends most of his day with his bum securely fastened to a chair, in front of the AC, either reading, writing, or being beaten by children with Hulk boxing gloves that make really cool action figure sounds.

To learn more about his work, or receive periodic updates when he releases new books, check out or

Semper Fidelis

…and no, he is not a Cylon. I swear!

CameronCameron Laszlo

Cameron is an eleven-year-old who spends most of her time with her four siblings, fourteen dogs, and Siamese cat. As a published author of several chapter books for children, she’s already well on her way to becoming a best seller! Aside from writing, she enjoys playing on her trampoline, Softball, reading, and imagining new stories that she may write, one day.