CyPhaCon is the culmination of a dream of Anime, Scf-Fi/Fantasy and Gaming fans in S.W. Louisiana. We have come together from different walks of life and disparate interests with one goal: A recurring and fun fan convention, by fans, for fans. When YOU enjoy yourselves, WE are at our happiest.

The idea and planning for CyPhaCon began in the summer of 2010 with a board of 6 half-experienced, yet bold, staffers. To our surprise, we managed to not only pull off a successful first year, but a success beyond our wildest imaginings. Next thing ya know, we’re getting offers to help and requests for attendance from attendees and media personalities alike. Today we were pleased and humbled is an understatement; we couldn’t believe our good fortune. What had we done to deserve this?

Apparently, people liked what they had seen…and wanted more. Word spread, especially among the Anime and Gaming community, and now we’re well on our way into our 5th Anniversary with bigger, bolder, better display than last year. Our staff has grown to over 30 members, and so has our ambition.

Summed up, CyPhaCon is now Southwest Louisiana’s premier, family-friendly Anime, Gaming & Scifi/Fantasy convention venue. With close to 1700 attendees in our fourth year, we’re upping the ante with expanded board and video game tourneys, anime panels, costuming & cosplay displays, Musical guests, and much much more.

So, come one, come all, to another in the continuing series of enjoyable CyPhaCon events. It will only get better as the years go on, so don’t miss a single one! Welcome, hope to see you there, and as we say in Louisiana, “Laissez les bons temps rouler!” – let the good times roll !!!

For further information on CyPhaCon, click the link for our Facebook page HERE.


CYPHA L.L.C. is a not-for-profit company operating out of Lake Charles, Louisiana.  Our mission is to provide Southwest Louisiana and surrounding areas with interesting and unique entertainment venues previously untapped, via our numerous CyPhaCon and CyPhaKids events.

CyPhaCon is Southwest Louisiana’s premier Anime, Gaming and Sci-fi convention, proceeding strongly into its 5th year.  CyPhaKids is a new and exciting addition to CYPHA L.L.C. that promotes education and fun-filled activities for Children.

CYPHA L.L.C. replaced The Future Possibilities Foundation as the parent company of CyPhaCon/CyPhaKids as of 11/25/2013.

All monetary proceeds not used for promotion and operations of CYPHA L.L.C., CyPhaCon, and CyPhaKids goes to local charities in Southwest Louisiana.